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Here are some questions and possible answers concerning  your orders and processing

The Vitaldocumentscenter Service provides a trusted and convenient way for you to order these  vital records online – quickly, affordably, and with the utmost level of security to ensure your documents are safely handled. Government agencies across the nation trust Onlinelegitdocuments to handle your vital record orders, and you can too. Find more about us.

Processing times can vary depending on the type of document or service you need , the vital record agency processing the request, and the shipping method you select during checkout.

Actual times may vary from a day to several weeks. Order must be paid and completed in full (including uploading any required documents) for processing time to begin.
Agency processing times do not include shipping. We recommend express delivery with UPS Next Day Saver so you can track your package.


Required documents for processing can be  submitted electronically by using our email or through our contact WhatsApp number

When uploading documents, please make sure that the image is clearly visible and the front and back of any required document are included. Acceptable formats are PDF, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, and PNG. The max file size is 10MB.

Same day processing and shipping are not an option unless otherwise specified when placing an order.


Current Legal Name – This is the name you currently use and is most likely on your driver’s license and/or ID. If you are married, this would be your first and married last name. In the ordering process, please use your own current legal name whether you are ordering your certificate or someone else’s.
Maiden Name – This is the last name of a person before any marriage, typically the last name a person was assigned at birth.


An identity Verification Document helps ensure the security of important documents such as vital records by verifying the identity of the person requesting the documents. After you place your order, you will be notified if any Identity Verification Documents are required. Identity verification documents typically include driver’s license, government issued id, or passport but may require other forms of identification also.


Our  agency wil fax or email certified copies of vital records if that is your preference.


Yes, our agency can provide any samples on the document or determine if the document exists in their office before an order has to be placed.


Onlinelegitdocuments accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, Bitcoin, Bank transfer, Western Union Paypal.


Shipping methods vary. During the order process, you will see shipping methods available.
Although it is more expensive, for your protection we recommend express delivery with our private agencies. This allows you to track your package and confirm delivery. Regular mail service is not certified or registered and does not provide this protection.


Costs can vary depending on type of document or service, the vital record agency processing the request, and the shipping method you select during checkout.
Please see terms of service when ordering for information on refunds and cancellations. Fees are non-refundable.



Questions related to our products 

The types of documents offered vary by the vital record agency processing the request. If you would like to receive a requirements for any document of service, during the ordering process you will receive a “Long Form”. If “Long Form” is not an option in our website, the vital record agency that is processing the request does may not offer it.


Yes, the certificate will be a government issued, certified document unless you choose “informational copy” or “souvenir/heirloom” as the reason you are requesting the certificate. The register’s seal may appear raised, embossed, impressed, or as a watermark.


Whose document you can order varies by type of document and the vital record agency processing the request. To see if you are entitled to receive a certificate; begin the order process (don’t worry, you aren’t obligated to finish the order). Once we have determined the certificate type, and the vital record agency that will be processing the request, we will let you know ‘who can order’.


Types of certificates offered vary by the vital record agency processing the request. If Apostilled or Authenticated vital document are available, during the ordering process, you should indicate ‘Apostille/Authentication’ as your Reason for Order and the product type.



Please use the tracking number from your confirmation email or tracking number given to your check your order status. All tracking status will be update on the tracking agency provided.


In most cases once the order has been placed, no changes can be made. However samples can be provided before final copies or service is rendered to the client to avoid errors. In case you need changes to your order, indicate to the agency so that your information should be updated.


In most cases once the complete order (including uploading any required documents) has been placed, it cannot be cancelled but you can ask us to delete your records from our database?


Please allow 2 to 4 business days (excluding holidays and weekends) for document verification


Yes, the information we receive from our clients are confidential and we provide maximum security to your information.


A letter will be emailed to you explaining how to get a record on file or how to continue searching for the record (with the same agency or another agency). The vital records office will also provide their contact information for further assistance.



We have a chat service on the website connected 24/7. You can also contact us through our email or whatsapp.

We work from Monday to Friday 24/7. You can always contact us  anytime in the working days.

Yes, we work in diverse languages. We serve our clients in diverse languages.



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